Raphael was born 1483 in Italy . He died April 6 1520 at the age of 37

Urbino, Italy where Raphael was born.


The school of Athens was one is one of the most famous frescoes by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael. It was painted between 1509 and 1511 as a part of Raphael's commission to decorate with frescoes the rooms now known as the Stanza di Rafael , in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.

Raphael, was an Italian painter and architect. His work is admired for its clarity of form, ease of composition, and visual achievement of the ideal of human grandeur. Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo, he forms the traditional trinity of great masters of that period.

Today's impact of Raphael

Raphael was known as the genius of high Renaissance painters, the greatest designer of the Renaissance. Raphael influenced painters up to the 1900's as well as making people think of personality when they looked at his paintings. Raphael put realistic emotions on to paintings.

* Resurrection of Christ - Brazil

* Holy family with Madonna of the Veil - Chantilly

*St.Michael - Paris

Resurrection of Christ - Brazil

Interesting Facts

Total of 78 paintings                                                      Raphael was prefered by

*26 Madonnas                                                              " the new pope Leo x "

*26 Portraits

*17 Rooms

*6 paintings in the " Uffizi "

Raphael lived an artist and he died an Artist !!

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