Aids in Dali, Yunnan

Question: How can a city's health care affect its future generations?

Sub Questions:

1. What is the main disease or illness that is the most prevalent in Dali?

2. In what ways does this affect future generations?

3. What are the governments (municipal and China) doing to improve the current situation?

Background and Overview:

Yunnan is the province that has the highest rate of AIDs in the whole of China. Dali is one of the city's with the highest amount of AIDs. Although this is true, over the years Dali has slowly become a big tourist area within the province of Yunnan. To try and prevent the amount of AIDs spreading to make Dali more desirable, the municipal government of Dali and also the government of China have decided that this is a problem that absolutely needs to be addressed.


... 3 reliable sources for basic information on Dali:

1. Travel China Guide

2. Lonely Planet

3. Travelling Dutchman


... 3 reliable sources for information to answer my main question and sub-questions:

1. Article: China City Government opens a gay AIDs

2. Investigation into the impact of poverty on the current and future health status of children

3. Organisation that helps the AIDs effort in Dali


... 1 source that can directly that has a connection and therefore can relate to my main question:

Analysis of my Interview-The help that Dali has been receiving from both the municipal government and also the Chinese government has definitely helped and assisted the work to improve the amount of subjects that receive AIDs in Dali.

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