my photography


The Artist

I really wanted to be able to recreate one of halsmans self portraits, and since I wasn't able to photograph him I had decided to recreate this portrait. I wanted to make it different to his so what im planning on doing is to take picture of a photographer at work but with a modern version of halfmans camera this way I could create the modern artist.                                                              


to recreate this picture of a woman jumping by Phillip halsman I got my friend to jump in front of a desired wall. it took several shots to finally take one that I was content with.

i decided to work with a sample first then did my final copy. so to make this I  got two separate photos from the internet.

creating the dali was something that phillip halsman was very proud of. and because of that I felt an obligation to remake one of his dali photos. I chose this one because it looks like it will be easy to recreate and I had an idea on how it is I wanted to do it. my aim is to be able to recreate this using Photoshop and make my own version of it.

Creating Deli

I opened up Photoshop, then dragged the superman photo on to the egg.

then you cut of the white boarder, and position your picture where you want on the egg.

then you blure the edges of your picture into the egg.