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Different Dynasties of China, the Mongols, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asian history all grouped in one spot. How convenient for you (you're so welcome).

Chinese Dynasties

So this doesn't take forever, I'll focus on only a few dynasties from ancient China. I'll focus mainly on the Sui, Son, and Tang dynasties. If you're super curious though, click HERE for more information about ALL the dynasties.

Sui Dynasty

The Sui Dynasty was ruled in AD 589 by first Yang Jian (also known as Wendi). He formed this dynasty with a centralized government. Wendi created order and a new legal code. The biggest success of this dynasty was the creation on the Grand Canal. This canal, 1,000 miles long,  connected the northern and southern parts of China. Yang Di, Wendi's son, took over the rule. Yang Di forced thousands of workers to death, causing a need for rebellion. Yang Di was assassinated in the year AD 618.  

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty was formed when a Sui general took power. This dynasty ran until AD 907. A flexible law code was made- a model for later countries Korea and Japan. During this dynasty, a female emperor took power. Her name was Wu Zhao; she was the first and only Chinese empress. She was overthrown in 705. This dynasty reached its peak under Xuanzong, who ruled from 712 to 756. During this time, Buddhism was introduced to China and fully established as a religion. Innovations were made during this time of woodblock printing, paper money, and gunpowder.      

Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty was the time where China split up once more. The Song lasted until 1279. This dynasty focused on education and religious services. Song porcelain was sought out by people during this dynasty.  They made many advances and innovations in this time period, like advanced math.  

The Mongols

The Mongols had many rulers. Genghis Khan, Ogedei Khan, Guyuk Khan, Mongke Khan, Kublai Khan, and Toghan Temur Khan. Lots of "Khan"s (not Benedict Cumberbatch's character). They had an active monarchy. They practiced a wide range of religions. They had a soft spot for artisans- they were all hunters and warriors and appreciated good craftsmanship. They were ruthless conquerors.


It is thought that these islands, Japan,  were settled by Asian nomads from the mainland. Clans formed based on family ties and each clan worshipped nature spirits.In the mid-500's, Japan started bumping into China and Korea more often.The Japanese borrowed a load of cultural things from China, but then modified to make them unique.   


Korea: this area was settled by both Chinese and Japanese people. The different cultures bridged and combined to share ideas. They were ruled by different people with different ideas many times.The longest one lasted until 1392. They made many innovations and improvements as well.  


I hope you learned at least something.

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