Begin by viewing the Horror Genre presentation below. As a group, collaborate on important facts that will help you clearly explain to our class what the horror genre is all about. Your team will PREPARE an IGNITE presentation from important facts in the slideshow below. Your presentation will have pictures only that connect to the information you discovered. Remember, no words - only pictures. You will have one minute per slide to share your notes.


  • Your finished product will be a Google Slide presentation. Use the template for your group located below. The slides for you to fill will be labeled with your group number.
  • Your slides will contain NO words, only images.
  • Decide which facts your will use BEFORE you begin your image search. Be cautious of honoring copyright guidelines when using images.
  • Decide who will speak during each slide.
  • You may ONLY use the Google search engine inside Google Slides or one of the links below to find your images.