Roman Empire

By Brint Nielson


The Roman Empire was a expansive empire and had been around from 500 BC to 1453 AD.

Started from a small farming community.(Nice)

It had split into two parts.

There main language was Latin.

How big did there empire get?

Starting from a small farming community it expanded to a great size.(Nice)It extended from Mesopotamia in the east to the Iberian Peninsula(Modern day Spain) in the west to the Rhine and Danube rivers in the north to the coast of Africa in the south. It also had 60-100 million people living in the empire.(Hayes and Hacht)

What caused the Roman Empire to fall?

Their empire had grown to big to govern and eventually split into two parts,West Rome and East Rome(Byzantines).The west fell to Germanic invaders, in 476 AD when the german leader Odoacer forced the emperor out of the seat of power.The East however, survived for almost a 1000 years after the west fell, before falling due to the Ottoman Empire capturing the capital Constantinople and making it their own in 1453 AD.(Nice)

Did the Empire leave a long lasting impact after the Empire fell?

Although the Romans did not make very many technology advancements the Greeks in there empire did.They actually had a good government and their Roman law and government provided a model for other legal systems in many other countries. Also the Latin language provided a base for many languages.(Nice)


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