My Story Graph By Yewon Park
Graph #12

Yoomee was a girl who had a bad memory and went to school every Saturday, only to remember it was closed. Everyday Saturday was roughly the same. She'd get up at 5:00 in morning at home. Her house was far from her school; it was about 0.7 miles away from her school and it took her three hours to get there. She walked at a slow and steady pace every Saturday morning and every Saturday morning she got to her school's front doors at 8:00 ready to learn, and then she would took a second to make a sharp turn back after remembering that her school was closed on Saturdays. Then she would walk back at a more quick and steady pace, but instead of going home, she'd go to the mall that was 0.6 miles away from her school. Because she walked more quickly, she'd get there in about two hours. Yoomee stayed at the mall for three hours and then she would have a sleepover at her friend's house that was right next to the mall for the rest of the day.

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