learning about informational text

What is non-fiction

NonFiction books are real live facts about someone or something. We read nonfiction to get information and for a report. Sometimes we read nonfiction for fun.

Features found in National Geographic Explorer!

  • The table of contents are found in the front of the book.
  • The index shows words and the page number they are on.
  • The glossary is a little dictionary in the back of the book.  
  • The heading is big bold words and it is like a title.
  • Photographs are real picture of someone or something real.
  • Captions are little sentences near a picture or photograph ( almost every page )
  • Labels are sentences that are two or more sentences (  almost every page )
  • Diagrams are pieces of information that explain a picture( almost every page )
  • Graphs are pictures that are described by numbers( p6 )