Celso's Music Memory List

W.C. handy

      William Christopher Handy was a boy who grew up to be the father of The Blues. He lived with his parents in a log cabin in Alabama. His mother, who helps around the house, and his father, a minister who was very poor. William was a very intelligent boy who saved up most of his money so that he could buy a guitar. He brought the guitar home so he could show it to his father, but once he showed the guitar to him he screamed that such an instrument that is not from a church is nothing but a devil’s plaything.

      William had good grades and he loved school. WIlliam studied well and graduated almost at the top of his classroom. He left home hoping that he will earn enough money for his college. William worked in many jobs but somehow became homeless and hungry. He wandered around town and found a singer and asked him to show what William could do. William sang and surprised everyone with his vocals and was able to earn enough money from singing.

      Later, William was accepted in a band. During one of his gigs, his father had shown up and had forgiven William for becoming a musician. William soon earned enough money from the band and then soon became successful. Soon, William had released one of his first songs’ called the “Memphis Blues.” Ever since, William had been known as the “Father of the Blues.”

      In my opinion, I don’t really like the “Blues” because it brings me down. It’s really slow and it’s like there is no “happy ending,” as in it’s not very energetic. The “Blues” has the characteristics for a sad movie in my opinion. No mean to be harsh here, but when I hear the “Blues” it makes think of sad things. Such as, being stranded in the rain walking home.

Carl Orff

  • Born in Germany.
  • Created Orff instruments for elementary music classrooms.
  • His music school got bombed in World War II - thankfully, the school was closed.
  • Composed during the Modern period.
  • Founded a school that focused on movement and music
  • Carmina Burana is his most famous composition
  • Has 25 movements.
  • Died in 1982.

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