The Struggle for Life in the Big City

This is a picture of children working in a factory. This shows the poverty that the people in the city were living in.
This shows the life in the tenements in New York. Life in the tenements were very stressful because of how unsanitary and crowded they were.
Women had to work in factories in order to help support their families. They worked long hard hours.
This photo shows the daily life outside of work for the muckrakers. They tried to forget about their hard days work by going out.
This shows that many of the poor would be forced into terrible slums. The rich could evade this lifestyle but many poor died of diseases
This shows how poor the muckrakers really were. They barely had a sufficient amount of clothes or food.
The life during this time was very disturbing and unsanitary. Waste and dead animals were constantly found lying in the streets
This image shows us how hectic. They were required to work with little rest and they were expected to make no mistakes.
The economy was so bad that children were forced to work. They lost limbs and sometimes even died. However, that was normal during that time
Fighting was not uncommon among boys. They fought over jobs, wages and food.
Children working at such a young age proved the point that education was not a priority. Muckrakers used this to show bad lifestyle.
As a pastime people would go to pool halls. Muckrakers saw that pool halls were an escape from the awful reality that people had to face.
This photo shows modern day poverty. Living in America can be expensive and not everyone can afford to live the way they would like to.
Protests concerning poverty have been going on for a very long time. Even in the Progressive Era riots were held because of the economy.
For as long as poverty has been around there have been poor homeless people asking for help from others who have the ability to help them
Just like in the 1890's-1910 poverty stricken areas have waste in the street
Living conditions of the poor contribute to their poor diet and poor health. The poor people have to scavenge for food.
This photo shows that the wealthier people ignore or are oblivious to poor people's needs. They only have concern for themselves.
Protests are used as a way to speak out against the way things are currently being handled. These protests inform others of the economy.
Children are still surrounded by poverty and the hardships of not being able to have a great lifestyle.
Poverty in America is very common. This picture shows what can be seen by almost anyone almost everywhere.
Life in urban poverty in the late 1800 would look very similar to this scenario today.
In modern society this image shows how bad life can be when you are poor and cannot support yourself. Poverty is still present in the U.S.
Racial inequaltiy was a reason for poverty long ago and still continues to be a reason for modern day poverty as well.