Ocean Animals

Animals and their habitat  
By :Marisol

A Sea Cucumber  is an echinoderm found in all the world's oceans.   Sea Cucumbers crawl along the seabed using the suckers on their feet.  It has a mouth with tentacles around it.   It uses these tentacles to eat plankton and plants.


Seahorse is a type of fish found in the Indian , Pacific , and Atlantic Oceans .A seahorse feeds on shellfish and small sea animals . It uses its long snout to suck its prey . Most seahorses are less than 15 centimeters long .


An orca is a  mammal that lives in all world's oceans . Orcas known as a Killer Whale . Orcas live in groups called pods . Pods hunt together . Orcas like all mammals go to a surface to get air . They live in the Sunlit zone .Which means they live on the top .