Historic Philadelphia

A History Teacher's Summer Tourism

This summer I had the opportunity to explore the historic areas of Philadelphia.  Among the sites that I visited were Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Museum of Benjamin Franklin, the tomb of Franklin, the home of Betsy Ross, the First National Bank, the Second National Bank, and finally Valley Forge.

Independence Hall was amazing to stand in looking at the room and location where the Founding Fathers declared independence and created a new nation based on liberty.  As our nation was formed, liberty became a key tenant and this is no better symbolized than by the Liberty Bell and its iconic crack.  Benjamin Franklin, who lived only blocks from Independence Hall and was a founding father, is one of the iconic figures of the American Revolution and his influence on the city and history was amazing to wade through.  The earliest American flags were sewn just blocks from Independence Halls.  Betsy Ross gave birth to the Stars and Stripes we recognize as today as the national flag.  Finally, Valley Forge is an iconic site of the Revolutionary War where George Washington and his army wintered early in the war.  This was a tough winter for the army and their ability to overcome and then win the war was key to our nation.

For a history teacher and historian, this experience was amazing.  To see so much of our nation's history in just a few blocks was a great way to spend a couple days.

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