involvement the 4 countries

Cuba-The Cuban War of Independence was the last major uprising by Cuban Nationalists against the Spanish Colonial Government. The conflict ended with American intervention during the Spanish-American War.

Soviet union- February 4-13, 1960 During his trip to Cuba Soviet First Deputy Prime Minister Anastas Mikoyan negotiates economic and trade agreements that help Fidel Castro to decrease Cuba's economic dependence on the United States.May 7th , 1960 The Soviet Union and Cuba establish diplomatic relations.

United States-, a group of about fourteen hundred Cuban emigrés attempt an invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. Cuban government aircraft which survived the earlier airstrikes are able to pin the invasion force on the beachhead, and without additional supplies of ammunition

Turkey-April 1962

U.S. Jupiter missiles in Turkey become operational. All positions are reported "ready and manned" by U.S. personnel. (History of the Jupiter Missile System. Turkey, Khrushchev reflects on the Turkish missiles and reportedly conceives the idea of deploying similar weapons in Cuba. Soviet sources have identified three reasons


1. If i were the president i would have fought back and fired the missile because that would be helpful enough for the country to respect me, and i would be doing a big favor.

2.If i was the leader, i probably wouldn't of told them to shoot it in the first place cause they were innocent people, but if we needed to we would.