The Super Food for Super Hero Kids!

Kids love Kale Chips! Find amazing Kale Recipes on ZisBoomBah.com

Kale offers over Cancer Fighting nutrients!

Kale is a leafy green or red vegetable that is more like broccoli and cabbage than lettuce. Kale can grow well into winter months so if you plant it – plan on having it for the duration of your garden!

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Kale stands out for it’s nutrient richness especially in cancer prevention benefits! Kale is high in Vitamin K (1,300% of DV), Vitamin A (350% of DV), and Vitamin C (90% of DV) and rich in manganese, fiber and copper.

Vitamin K helps to heal open wound injuries by allowing the blood to clot around the wound and prevent excess bleeding or bruising. It also helps with bone health!

Vitamin A /Beta Carotene supports good vision, healthy immune systems and cell growth!

Vitamin C helps protect your immune system, heart, eyes and skin.

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