there are lots of power sources out there hydro power(needs water to work),solar power(needs heat and sun to work),wind power(needs wind to work) etc.But I think hydro power is one of the best.Streams and lakes anything with water flowing is a power source.hydro power stations get electricity from moving water and the force from falling water.The only down side on hydro power is that the big stations will affect nature and all the creatures by it.Good thing about the stations they don’t use fuel or coal so they don’t produce bad waste.

So How does a hydro power station work? The stations turns on the turbines and they spin and the water goes through the turbine and then it generates power then when the water falls at great speed it generates some more power.The good thing about hydro power is that it gets power from water which is not bad for the environment,does not produce waste or pollution.The disadvantages to the hydro power station is that It is big and it might hurt the environment.In future they could make these station a bit smaller and maybe produce more energy.

So in conclusion I think that hydro power is a good source of power and we should definitely get more of them but we just need to make them smaller and even less harmful to nature.So hydro power does not kill animals or harm the environment so this is one of the best sources of power.

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