Holocaust Tackk

Hitler's Brainwashing Youth

Hitler's ways are known to "brainwash" the youth of the generation by teaching them all about him and making everyone do things they didn't want to do.  In the Nazi state, education seems so unreal, that it should have been illegal. German's that attended swore allegiance to Hitler,  pledged to serve the nation and its leader as future soldiers, the German textbooks got replaced with textbooks that taught a students for a love for Hitler and frequently described a thrill of a child seeing the German leader for the first time, Hitler's portrait stood as a standard fixture in the classrooms,  &  Board games and toys were created to spread racial and political information to the youth. For youth organizations, it was lead by Hitler Youth and League of German Girls, and they were used to shape the beliefs, acting, and thinking of the German youth. Membership for the Nazi groups became mantory for all boys and girls between the ages ten and seventeen.  When boys were 18, boys were required to enlist in the armed forces. All of these things went on at the camp. Hitler thought all of this was fine. Its was very selfish, and thoughtless to that generation to make them learn about Hitler and do things unessary.

The students are saying a pledge to Hitler in their school.

The Secret behind the Holocaust{Denial}

The Holocaust was a state sponsered persecution and murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazi and its followers/members.  The Nazi felt that the Jews were a "threat" to the German racial community. The Nazi always tried to deny or cover up the killing operation they did undercover. The Nazi leaders tried to avoid detailed planning for their killing operations, and tried to stay in a systematic order. To cover up the murders, Hitler himself ordered that the killings not be spoken directly in German documentation or public statements,  the Germans used code names and sounding terms to identify the killings, destroyed the remainings of victims that were in the killed by them, they would  creamate the bodies that were vicitms in the killing to cover up any evidence and then burn it to ashes, and they would showcase good conditions for Jews to confuse reporters. Even though the Nazi efforts are big to try to cover up the murders and hate for Jews, later on everything got uncovered. Up to this day, some people deny the Holocaust for all kinds of reasons.(overly racist, political, strategic reasons.) These tragic events Hitler put on that was called the "Holocaust", some people deny that it was even part of our history, and others believe every single detail said about it. The Holocaust was the Holocaust either way.

Lots of people have different opinions on the Holocaust. Some deny, and some think its real.

Leo's personal experience

Leo Schneiderman is one of the people still living today that is proof of the Holocaust. He shares his experience in 1921 riding on a cattle train from Lodz to Auschwitz. His culture was not well liked, so of course they had over one hundred people on stuffed on the train, with super hot and stuffy conditions, and the only hope they had is maybe if they start moving they will get a tiny breeze in the room. The Nazi's found more Jews in hiding, and so they got beat up real bad for hiding and got stuffed in the train with everyone else. The only facility in the overwhelming stuffed room, was two buckets. A teenage girl was upset she had to use the bucket in front of everyone, and a man was asking for more privacy for his pregnant wife. Leo got asked to see where they were headed. He stared out the window, and figured out they were headed south towards Krakow. Down the road, Leo saw some people pointing to the sky, and some making an line across the throat with their finger. That part was probably even more unpleasent, so Leo didn't tell people what he saw. Later on, Leo was forced to work as a tailor, and he attended a couple camps until one of them was liberated in 1945.

This is an old railroad car used to stuff over a hundred Jews in during the Holocaust.

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