Little Village,Chicago
BY : Leeann Gladney

Little Village is located on the west side of Chicago. There is a small plaza called MANUEL PEREZ MEMORIAL PLAZA. It is a nice little park to walk around.there is also a restaurant called LALO'S MEXICAN RESTAURANT. Last but not least the Apollo's 2000. It is a theater that is popular in Little Village if its your first time there. At first Little village was settled by Irish and Eastern Europeans.But, after the great Chicago fire a lot of people left little village even Chicago. So more people decided to go back to little village but this time it was mexcican people.By this time it was the twentieth century. In  2000 the percent of white people was 29.5%. African american alone was 13.3%. American indian was 0.7%. Asian alone was 0.2%. Native Hawaiian was 0.1%. Some other race alone was 52.9%. Two more races 3.4%. And last and deffentlily not least was hispanic with 83.0%.By the mid 1900s, Little Village saw a improvement in polish immigrants.