Spring Break Activity List

7 April 2014

(1) Go to Amapala and bath in the beach, eat a big fish and make sand castles. Also eat some tajaditas de aire and chismol.

(2) Put the portable pool for my family and inflate the mini baby boat to float in the water and play like guardcost.

(3) Form up 2 big carps and put some chairs and tables under it to pass time with my family.

(4) Hang out the hammack in front of the garrage under the tree, but in the shadde because it feels fresher.

(5) Put the swinging wheel on the right side of the hammack, it will be tide with an boat rope, because if it will be a cabulla it will cut.

(6) Form up the camping tent in the left side of the hammack with light and beds.

(7) Make my 1 week berak reading, math and writting journals.

(8) Go to church at least 4 times in this 2 weeks of break.

(9) Lastly is to enjoy the break playing with my friends and neighboors and spent good times.

Have a great break Mr Jairo!