Ian C

#Kettner #Tech22   About me

#Whataboutme My name as is it says is Ian Chambers. I was born on April 29, in 2001. My family is from California, but my family moved here because my dad got a job in Spokane. I was born in the Sacred Heart hospital, what makes my birth special is that i am an identical twin. His name is Miles and he looks just like me, which is what identical means.

I also have some hobbies and skills in my life. I love to play Football, I started playing last year for the school in the 7th grade, and i find it very fun. This year in the 8th grade I played again and i was The fullback on the team. An activity i am skilled at is soccer. I play for #FCSpoakne, I play leftmid on my team, are team is pretty good some of my great teammates are Roni  and Zach

I got to Greenacres Middle School in Washington

I love to play and practice soccer

I own an interesting pet/lizard It's a Bearded Dragon

This is the picture of my football/soccer club