March 4, 2015

Objective – Students will explore the importance of Classroom Management

* Before class we each will prepare our tables, video, make notes on the board, and any other preparations that need to be made. Lindsey will greet everyone at the door and give them their name tag as they are walking in. The tag will also have a number on it that will let the students know what table to sit at. The tables will have numbers on them for them to match with their tag.

Amanda Johnston, Teresa Reed, Lindsey Smith, Kacie Barclay

  • 8:30- SHARP- Role call- Amanda is assigned to do this. I will inform the class that we have a fun video for them to watch.
  • 8:33- Teresa will show the resource video (4:40 minutes) and then will have a short classroom discussion over the video. Classroom Management

  • 8:40- Introduction to our class will be given by Kacie. She will instruct the students on the different categories of Classroom Management we are covering.  
  • 8:45- Groups begin-

Table 1 (teal color table):

  • Modeling - Kacie will be modeling rules.
  • Practice - The students will practice with an activity were they each will be required to write a rule or discipline action on a paper.
  • Evaluate - The students will take away different ideas on how to approach different types of discipline actions and rules.
  • Uniqueness – Giving away a bottle of water because water helps with brain breaks.

Table 2 (neutral color table):

  • Modeling - Lindsey is modeling Atmosphere.
  • Practice - Students will be arranging a classroom, picking a theme, and come
  • up with an idea that will make kids feel welcome on the first day of school.

Table 3 (green color):

  • Modeling - Teresa is modeling Organization. She will be teaching the students on the importance of being organized in the classroom and preparedness for the students.
  • Practice – students will create a foldable and list methods of organization for teacher/student
  • Evaluate - The students will take away different ideas on how to approach organization from the teacher and student standpoint.
  • Uniqueness – Giving away “Take Five” candy bars the message take five minutes and get yourself organized.

Table 4 (zebra color):

  • Modeling - Amanda is modeling Differentiated Instruction. Accommodations and proper language to the regular ed/special ed/gifted child.
  • Practice – Scenarios of special ed, regular ed, and gifted. Brainstorming on thinking bubbles.                

* Each table will rotate every 10 minutes. We will be playing music to let them know

when it is time to rotate. We are giving 1 minute during the rotation period. Here is the

song that will be played Transition Song

  • 9:30-9:45- Play Jeopardy in groups- The group that answers the question correctly will receive smarties.


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