"Fighting to Survive"

By Ashtyn Logan

Where Roy Luther was buried.

Mary Call and her siblings loose their father, forcing them to live on their own without anyone knowing he has passed.

Mary Call and her siblings; Devola, Ima Dean, and Romney.

The oldest sister Devola has a mental disorder which makes it Mary Call's job to take care of their family.

The type of book they used for wildcrafting.

The children had to start wild crafting to get money to provide for themselves.

Kiser after his accident.

After Kiser, the man who gave them the land, is in a terrible accident his sister comes down to see him. While she was there she made Mary Call and her family leave their home because it was really hers, not Kiser's.

Kiser and Devola.

Mary Call eventually allows Devola to marry Kiser so that the family will have a place to stay.

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