February Conference

By Luke Walter


In reading my SRI score was 1077 thats 51 greater then last time. I got 9/10 on a Leader product. Then on a Vocab Review I got 11/12 not to bad. On this thing called Dust of Snow I got a score of 9/10. Then on an other called Let It Snow thing I got 9/11 not shabby. But I think I could work on is reading exactly what it says. But I am really good with my vocab.


On my Colorado Essay I got  a score of 19/24 and thats a 3. And then on a Settlers and in deans I got 6/6. On my last test I got a 3 on a News ELA test. I think I could work on making things existing. But I did great on spelling.


I think I did great on fractions greater or less. I got a score of 4/4. But I could work on long division. I got a score of 5/10. On a test of addition and subtraction I got 5/5. On unknown numbers I got 5/5. And on multiplication and division I got 5/5. On one last test I got 20/28 on multi-digit division.

Social Studies and Science

In social studies on a test I got a score of 16/18. Then on another test I got a score of 13/30. I could work on goods and services. But I was great at the gold rush.


I need to work on not yelling out answers. But I have been getting better at following directions.

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