Tectonic Plates

colliding plates

My science project it shows two tectonic plates colliding and as they collide it showes one of the plates going in to the subduction zone. than the plate come out of a volcano because the core has melted the crust causing it to erupt its as if it renews the crust because it takes the crust and realease in magma. as this proccess goes on it can build moutains trigger earthquakes and volcanoes. but as new crust forms and its realsed to ocean it is also causing seafloor spreading the old lies further from the mid ocean ridge and that older crust sinks into the trench and restarts back at mid ocean ridge as new oceanic crust this all happens because core he heats the crust and is turned to magma and realeased causing mid ocean ridge and causing sea floor spreading. most likely this builds moutains in the ocean. this could also maybe make the places more warmer if volcanoes are erupting and more dry places and change species alives may have to evolve.

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