Kindergarten Speech and Sounds Mobile Apps
Module 9: EDU210

The following apps would be valuable in the Kindergarten curriculum when teaching speech sounds.  Upon exploring these apps, they all provide functionality which appeal to the myriad of learning styles prevalent in classrooms today.

Concepts and Outcomes:

  1. Identify sounds with letters
  2. Match identical words
  3. Sound recognition
  4. Create verbal sounds

App 1:  Preschoolers Education Playground PRO

Preschoolers Education Playground Pro is an App which covers the basics of word recognition. Apart from word recognition, it also encourages students to use their final motor skills by tracing words and matching words with their selective photos.  

This app would be beneficial in a Kindergarten classroom as it beings to explore with the students words and their associated picture with the use of engaging activities such as flashcards and memory type games.  This app also features "administrator controls" so the teacher can easily set playing times as well as adjust font and text sizes for those students with visual impairments thus reducing barriers.  Audio functions are also available with this app engaging an even broader spectrum of learners as this app appeals to several different learning styles.  

App 2:  Bongo's Spelling Pack PRO

Bongo‚Äôs Spelling Packs PRO is a high quality app which features allow its smooth and flawless operation.   The apps' color artwork is detailed and amusing which is sure to elicit the attention of any Kindergarten student.   

In a Kindergarten classroom, this app would be beneficial as it combines several different word lists to create phonic-based learning for the appropriate age level.  Students also have the ability to hear the sounds as well to ensure they are being pronounced correctly.  Beneficial to the educator is that this app comes with programs suitable from Kindergarten to the grade five level meaning that it can progress as the student does.  

App 3:  Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech

Little Bee Speech's Articulation Station is a great tool for early introduction to speech sounds as well as developing sounds that students are having problems with.  

This app would be a great tool to use in the Kindergarten classroom as the built-in tracking system can be used to see the progress which the student is making. Voice recordings and auditory feedback also give students a chance to hear the playback of what they sounds like when they say the word and compare it to the pre-programmed voice sound of the word.  

This app is also useful as it can be used in group session with up to six students playing at one time.   What a great way to teach teamwork and sharing.

App 4:  Tiga Talk Camp Adventure

Tiga Talk Campfire Adventure uses and interactive type storybook which provides an engaging way for students to develop speech sounds and word recognition with the use of sounds and images.  

This app would be a good resource for Kindergarten students as it guides students through word pronunciation and accuracy.  It also encourages students to use their speech muscles by repetition and imitation.  The use of cartoon characters are sure to appeal to the child's imagination.   This app was also listed as a resource for students with speech delays and speech sound delays which means that this app could be used for a variety of groups.  This program also encourages parental involvement ensuring a collaborative learning environment for the student.  

App 5:  Is that Silly?

Is That Silly is a great way to teach children Kindergarten students the association between words and pictures.  The "high-quality" images are sure to keep a student engaged and wanting to create more "silly" scenarios.  

This app would be beneficial in a Kindergarten classroom as it uses basic day-to-day words to start expanding the students' vocabulary. Uses images which students see every day provides a sense of understanding and realism.  Students have the option to match certain words and have control over the silly scenario which they create.  This app definitely brings fun and adventure to story telling while working on sounds and speech.  


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