Five Rules to Choose the Right Men's Sandals

It is the beginning of summer where the sun is shining at its brightest, continuing to bother us with its heat waves. Summer is the official time to loosen your ties, unbutton your shirts, and head for a vacation to some exotic beach destination. However, wearing shoes is not feasible at beaches; for this purpose there are sandals.

When it comes to picking men sandals, very few are aware about which pair to pick. Moreover, there are very few options available in the market, thus limiting your options of picking a pair that best suits the occasion. To make the choice easy for you, here are five simple rules that every guy should consider before buying sandals.

1> Check the Material

Generally, sandals for men are made using leather: a material that is soft and flexible enough that it will not cause any kind of scars or bruises over the skin. However, footwear manufacturers also use synthetic material which is hard and rigid such that it may cause bruises. So, before you move ahead with picking the right pair of shoes, it is essential to check the type and quality of material used.

2> Flexibility

Sandals are often worn in a casual setting wherein the focus is laid on the flexibility of the sole. Sandals with stiff soles are convenient for protecting your feet from any kind of shock experienced from rocks, rubbles, or tough terrains. Whereas the ones with flexible soles will absorb shocks and provide cushioning to your feet, protecting them from unexpected injuries.

3> Cushioning

Insoles are responsible for providing the right amount of cushioning so that you can ambulate or move around hassle-free. For the right amount of cushioning, sandals come with built-in insoles. Unlike shoes, these soles are not removable, but deeply ingrained in one single sole. Thus, you have to check the material of the sole, its softness, and cushioning, before choosing the right pair.

4> What purpose you will be Wearing the Sandals

There are various types of sandals available in the market. Depending on the occasion, you can choose the sandals. For instance, rubber sandals are ideal for beaches and water areas where the idea is to keep your feet dry whenever possible. Thus, you have to choose a pair that best suits the occasion or place you are visiting.

5> Decide whether you want to keep the toes exposed

There are two types of sandals, the ones with toes enclosed and ones with toes open. For beaches and related places, you can prefer sandals with toes open as against the ones with enclosed toe section that offers protection to your feet.