Miracle Winter Harbin Ice and Snow Amusement World

In winter, the white snow flies from the temple to earth. It changes many times, finally it becomes ice. The earth was decorated with beautiful bag. What a silvery white world.

During this winter, my brother and I went to the Harbin ice and snow world festival 2015. We took bus across the Songhua River, so many beautiful ice surround us. The side of the road was emanating colorful light. 

The city of Harbin makes the most of its freezing winters by hosting an impressive ice festival. My brother and I can not wait to rush to the entrance, holding tickets.We have been fascinated by the Harbin ice and snow amusement world. We looked anxious when the ice snow world in front of us, just like a fairy heaven. Finally, my brother and I walked to the fabulous world. Blocks of snow are carved into the shapes of plants and animals and lit from within to provide glittering lights of ice.

More strange ice shapes and sizes here!!! Eahc ice and snow has different characteristics. We have been fascinated by so many colorful artwork. The unique ice craft showed us the charm of winter. At the end of the festival everyone takes a mallet to the lanterns and smashes them up in the street!

The slide made with ice was particularly interesting.Just the sight of it, my brother grabbed my hand walked toward the slide.The shape of the slides is different, from it, we can see the beauty of art,which can not be said to be a miracle, but it is the result of thousands of times before the formation process.

In the cold wind and percussion, all of the ice did not flinch, they were just getting stronger and stronger. Because they know that the spring will come after the winter. All of these made them understand a desire for health. They understand the love of life. Harbin Ice and Snow World Tour made us learn more spirits from the real world.

I love spring, but harbin winter snow world really attracted me for the first sight!


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