Apps for Class

5 apps for teachers

1. Journal Jar

This app allows the user to shake the jar and choose a writing prompt. It's a simple idea that allows for individualization in writing, instead of the teacher telling everyone what to write about. During language arts let students choose a writing prompt and give them 10-15 minutes to write.

2. Fotobabble

This app allows the used to take a photo and then write about the picture. This can be used in any grade or subject. Use this during a nature walk to take a photo of a plant or object the student found interesting then write about what it is.

3. Slice It!

This math app allows the user to solve geometry puzzles. It is suitable for learning symmetry and can be used as practise for symmetry problems.

4. The Night Sky

This app shows users the night sky and constellations. This could be used for exploring constellations and learning to identify them in the night sky.

5. How To Draw

This app makes learning to sketch fun. It is great for even young students. Use this app as a way for student to learn how to draw what they are interested in. This app could be used in partnership with language arts to help students learn how to draw illustrations for their writing.

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