nadia paz

Welcome to my website. Here you will learn everything that is going on in my life.


  This picture of popcorn is because I adore it. I eat it even when I am not in the movies. My mom got me a popcorn machine and I use it almost every day. It was first domesticated in Mexico and then became the official state food of Illinois. I love Mexico!!!!!

Water Parks

    Water parks are amazing. When you go there, you get wet of fun. In some water parks, there are also some expectacular shows about see animals. Trust me if you go to one, You will never want to leave!!


    Tennis is more than a sport, it is my life. Every day after school I go to the country club for tennis. I spend more time playing tennis than  in my house.

snow cones

     This is just a simple red car. When you look at it closely, my favorite word is written. Snow cones!!  Snow cones are the best. It is even better in Santa Cruz because it is very hot. These are the best products for a sunny day. There is nothing in the world better than this!!


  My family is my everything. I am always with them. I would give my life for them because they are always with me when I need them. i love my family.


  Spaghetti is my favorite food. My favorite type of spaghetti is bolognese. This Italian product would taste so much better with a little bit of spice. so, here is a quick video of how to do an easy one.

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