Blue-Prints for a home-made jack lift!

Stage one in the making

Blue-prints for a home-made jack lift

Hello everyone! Bill Nye the Science Guy here, and these are the blue-prints to my home made jack-lift!... I guess it's safe to say DO try this at home! As you can see by the blue-prints the jack-lift will be pushed by the end of a syringe that is attached to another one using tubing. It will push this by using water pressure. If one gets pushed in the other gets pushed out! It's pretty neat! But these are only the blue-prints, not the real thing. As the real thing requires sticks, pins, and syringes! That's all for today, see you all later! Bye!

Science in Progress! Stage two in the making!

Hello, Bill Nye here again and as you can see my crew and I are nearly done our home-made toy jack-lift! We have our main-parts done as you can see, the lift itself and the pistons! The Pistons being made of tubes and syringes with water, and the lifts being made with sticks, held together with glue and tacks !... that's ironic. Any who, I'll be posting soon once the finished project is done! All we're missing is the piece for the piston to push, which will lift that jack with the red plate on top! So far so good, no note-able issues seen so far!

Alright then, catch you around!  

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