Massive Snowstorm Hits Florida

    On Wednesday March 27, 2015 a winter storm unlike any other hit the state of Florida.  The storm lasted two days, and by the end, 20 centimeters had accumulated, trapping many people in their homes.  Orlando city mayor, Bruce Brucerson has asked the federal government to declare a state of emergency so that government money can be brought in to create shelters for those whose houses have been destroyed and to help pay for the clean-up.


    Tommy Tommerson, a 10 year old boy who lives in Miami Florida, is one of the few people enjoying the snow.  He says, "I have never seen snow in Florida and I haven't had to go to school in two whole days!!  I get to go skiing and sledding and have snow ball fights!!  I hope the snow stays forever!!"

    Other people are not so impressed with this freak winter storm.  Martha Mokoyama, a meteorologist at The Weather Channel, said "we knew the storm was coming and that it was bringing cold air and precipitation, but we didn't know how cold and what type of precipitation until we saw the snow falling.  We are expected to get a few more centimeters of snow over the next few days and temperatures are expected to stay way below seasonal."

    Mayor Bruce Brucerson has said that he is going to call a news conference at 1:00pm today to explain how the clean-up will begin and how people can apply for money from the government to rebuild houses.  Shelters have been set up across many parts of Florida and you are encouraged to go to your local community centre for more information.

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