Braylee & Jayden's  catupult

we're going to explain to you about a catapult  

1. What question will you investigate?

How does the size of the catapult affect the distance it will launch?

2. Hypothesis

If we make a big catapult it will go far and if we make a small catapult it will go not so far.

3. What materials will you need for the investigation?

Duck tape, plastic spoon, candy corn, popsicle stick , pencils, and rubber bands.

4. What steps/procedures will you take to investigate?

1. Make a catapult

2. Launch the catapult

3. Then you measure how far (length)

4. Write what you did after (about the investigation)

5. Make a presentation for your investigation.

5. Conclusion

We found out that when you have a bigger catapult that when you have rubber bands on tight they will be longer then a meter stick.

6. We think this happened because......

The rubber band was on really tight and we pulled really far back.

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