Cevannah W.

         What Makes Me Happy

The thing that makes me the most happy is my best friends. They can always put a smile on my face no matter how bad my day was. Some of them have even been there for me from the very beginning. I love all of them so much and i have absolutely no idea what would do with out them

            My Deepest Fear

My deepest fear would have to be hospitals. When I was eleven i had to spend almost three weeks in a hospital. During those long boring days I had to get nineteen shots, one almost every morning and sometimes two a day. And the nurses were not the nicest people. Ever since that its difficult to even walk into a hospital for me.

    Where I see myself in 10 years

In ten years i see me and my best friend, Hadynne, attending our dream college, the University of California at Los Angelas (UCLA). We both plan to get our masters degree in dental hygiene. After we graduate we want to either stay in California or move to Las Vegas and look for jobs as hygienists.

* Love you Julian! I'm gonna miss you😭❤️ #awkwardpicture

Somebody That Meant a lot but I will probably never see again

Julian meant a lot to me, we were really good friends for the longest time. We told each other everything and I could trust him with my life! But a few weeks ago he left Spokane so he could go and live with his mom and his two brothers.

          Place I want to visit  

One place i have always wanted to travel to is Kavala, Greece. Kavala is all the way on the Northern coast of Greece. A few summers ago my grandparents went to Greece for like three weeks and they brought back so many beautiful souvenirs. And ever since their trip I have been dying to go and visit Greece!

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