5 Tips About Bullying on Online Games

                                                By:  Nicholas Leduc

Tip #1: Do not respond to harassment .

When you receive a mean comment don't respond. Block that person or report them to the maker of the game

Tip #2: Tell an adult.

If someone is mean to you online tell adult. If you tell a trusted adult they will know what to do if you don't.

Tip #3: Ask a parent if you want to meet someone offline.  

If someone wants to meet offline ask a parent if it is okay to meet.  DO NOT meet someone without telling your parents.

Tip #4: If someone is mean to you , leave the game.

If someone is being inappropriate or mean to you don't say anything just leave the game.  If you try to be mean back you will be doing the wrong thing too.

Tip #5: Do not bully other people online.

If you bully people online you will hurt their feelings. They can report you and you might get kicked off of the game forever.

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