Los modismos

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2 years ago

1. Hacer de tripas corazón:
meaning: to get the courage to do something
literal translation: “to make a heart out of your guts”
origin: the heart is a symbol of courage

2. Tomar el pelo:
meaning: somebody is tricking or making fun of another, but not in a mean-spirited way (in English = pulling someone’s leg)
literal translation: “to take the hair”
origin: In prison, hair is often all cut off. Taking one’s hair is seen as an authoritative act.

3. Arrimar el ascua a su sardina:
meaning: to look out for yourself
literal translation: “to put the coals close to your own sardine”
origin: When gathered around a fire, your food will cook first is you put your food on top of the coals.

2 years ago