By Kylee and Tamara

Manichaeism was a major Gnostic religion that was founded by the Iranian prophet Mani. The religion taught dualistic cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light and an evil, material world of darkness.

Manachaeists believe in the first, second, and third creation. In the first creation, the World of Light and World of Darkness existed completely separately until one day when World of Darkness became greedy for light. So, the Father of Greatness had the Mother of Life send her son the Original Man to fight the darkness. When Original Man fought darkness the Father of Darkness consumed as much of Original Man's light as he could. In the Second creation, the Father of Greatness calls on the living spirit who sends his five sons to rescue the Original Man. The Mother of Life takes all the darkness and creates planets and bodies from the darkness and swallowed light. In the third creation, the light is recovered from the bodies of the men and women and demons. Once the light leaves their bodies they are consumed in sexual greed. The light falls to earth and evil beings swallow it creating Adam and Eve. the the father of Greatness sends down Jesus to enlighten Adam and Eve. This is ends with the spiritual light imprisoned in material bodies.

Manachaeists believe that the material body is evil along with lust and sexual desire. This part of the person comes from the darkness that was swallowed during the third creation. Therefore the body is something that should be suppressed. the light in the body is a spiritual light that represents that good in everyone and it is in a constant struggle with the bad. Theology of the Body could be used to argue against these beliefs because it tells us that God made us in his image and that we are perfect the way we are. Our material bodies are not evil but instead they are created for sexual desire and reproduction with your husband or wife. Our body and our soul are a part of each other and both are good. This also opposes Christianity firstly in the way man was created. In Manachaeism, Adam and Eve are created from darkness while in Christianity, they are created in Gods love until Original Sin.

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