Stitch Fix

My experience with a personal stylist

This is not the thing I normally share but since I found Stitch Fix on Twitter, I thought I better share my experience.

Stitch Fix is a personal styling experience. You fill out some information about your sizes, likes, dislikes, preferred price points, etc and schedule a Fix. The experience seems to work best when you share what you like on Pinterest or other social media. I have tried to keep my Pinterest boards educational in nature so it was difficult for me to add a board for this purpose, but I did. I pinned to the board, styles and looks I liked and added a link to that board on my style profile. The idea is that your personal stylist can then check your pins to get a sense of your taste and then pick things that you will hopefully like.

When the box arrived, I was extremely hopeful. Everything was packaged beautifully. Included in each shipment is a style card that gives you suggestions for ways to wear the items included.

I'm not much for selfies (maybe next month) so I took a picture of each item to include in this post. I did try everything on (more than once). And I tried the Stitch Fix things on with pieces I already had in my wardrobe.

I loved the colors and prints of everything in the box. Most of these colors were things I didn't already have a lot of so that was a plus.

I loved the print and color of this dress. But I was disappointed that it was a wrap dress as I have never thought I looked good in a wrap dress. As much as I wanted to like this dress, the style just did not look good on me. Sadly, it is going back.

I loved the color of this blouse. I wasn't really crazy about the lacy, fringey detail but I tried it on anyway. I wasn't crazy about it so it is going back.

I loved the color of this blouse. When I tried it on, I thought it was a little loose around the torso area. The stylist suggested I pair it with the skirt she sent. I thought this blouse was too loose to go with the straight skirt. I could wear this blouse under a jacket but I really didn't love it so it went back.

This skirt I loved. I had actually pinned it to my Pinterest board from the Stitch Fix boards. I have lots of things already in my wardrobe that this skirt will go with. It is a keeper.

I loved the color of this sweater. I don't have anything this color. I also love this waterfall style. I had pinned several similar sweaters to my Pinterest board. I can wear this to work or I can wear it casually with jeans. And it is a light weight sweater so I can wear it into spring. This is a keeper.

The Final Verdict

As much as I shop, I really don't need a personal stylist. But I have to admit, this was a fun process. I think it was mostly the anticipation of what the stylist might pick out for me that made it so fun. And I think that the items that come each month will get closer to what I want as long as I keep giving feedback to my stylist.

The items in my first Fix ranged in price from $44 to $88 which was in keeping with the price points I had in my style profile. Each Fix comes with a $20 styling fee but that is credited toward any items you keep. If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount.

I currently have a Fix scheduled to come each month. You can set Fixes to come every 2-3 weeks, every month or every other month. You can also let your stylist know if you have a special event or occasion coming up and need something special. I am speaking at a national conference in April so I let my stylist know that for my March shipment. Hopefully I will have some new pieces to take along with me.

I plan to continue using Stitch Fix for a few months.

If you want your own Stitch Fix, please use my referral link and get yourself set up.

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