Leaders who are unselfish put others' interests in front of their own. They do not shine in the limelight, instead they give credit to whom it is deserved.

Pat Tillman was the perfect example of an unselfish leader. He had lived a great life, and he was in the NFL, which is the perfect life in the minds of some people. He decided to quit his career and go serve in the army. He then died in combat in Afghanistan.

This video of Tom Brady, and it shows an example of unselfishness, because Tom does not take all of the glory for winning the Super Bowl and he credits each and every one of his teammates.

This picture is in New Jersey, and it is a statue dedicated to the firemen who risked their lives to save people during 9/11. These firefighters showed unselfishness by attempting to save those innocent people, even though they knew that they were going to die.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an unselfish leader by fighting for the rights of other people, and doing what he knew was right for all of man kind.

Bill Gates is an extremely unselfish leader, because of his constant donations to charity. He knows that if he gets rid of millions of dollars that it will not impact his life very much and he knows he can afford it, so he chooses to give it to charity.


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