52 In 52

The 52 records that define my love for music

Week 8 / Album 8

Who: Styx "Paradise Theatre"

When: Mid 80s

Why: Everyone has one, and Styx is mine. The "guilty pleasure" if you will.

Although, for me I don't really feel too guilty about liking this band. Maybe i'm a sucker for power ballads, or random weird songs about Robots. Their songs are just fun sing along songs. I could have picked any of their records, but "Paradise Theatre" has the most jams on it. They're corny as hell, they look like giant goobers stuck in the early 80's, but as long as Styx is around, Ill sing their songs karaoke and go see them every time they come through. I can't give you a solid reason why I like this band so much, I just do.

When: I've seen Styx multiple times, most recently in 2012, but I have never seen them with Dennis DeYoung, who co-wrote most of their songs. If that day ever comes, Ill be there front and center with all of my parents friends, and Kenny Sobey.

Watch this awesome, corny video!

In my opinion, Styx (and other bands like them) don't always get the credit they deserve. Styx had 4 multi-platinum records in a row between 1977-1981 and you probably have heard most of the songs. They've been immortalized in Commercials (VW "Mr.Roboto") movies (Old School "Lady") and TV (Cartmans' "Come Sail away" from South Park) They still play to packed giant venues like Blosssom, and they still sound like they are in their prime. They are a band that made their music a spectacle and their records were concepts. While they'll never be a "Rock and Roll HOF" band, theyre still one of the best bands playing today.

Go ahead and get this stuck in your head all day too. It'll make your day more fun.