The Black Death

EQ : What effects did disease have on Europe?

Background Knowledge :

Once the Black Death hit Europe it spread rapidly, at about 2.5 miles per day. It started from the Mediterranean ports and from there the disease took two paths. Genoa's ships were responsible for bringing the Black Death to Europe, and it is known as one of the largest demographic disasters in European history. It is said to have killed between 17-28 million people. Once the Black Plague hit, people abandoned friends and family, fled cities and shut themselves off from the world. People's faith in religion decreased after the plague. Lastly, the economy underwent abrupt and extreme inflation, there was no trading and work was scarce.  

Moving Dead Bodies out Of Street :

Fun Fact : The song " Ring Around the Rosie" is inspired by the Black Death.

This is the DNA of a person who carried the Black Death.

Critical Thinking Question :

If the black death did not happen, would the population and empire's have developed differently?

Economic Decline from the Black Death

During the 17th century, the real wages did not return to their pre- black death levels. Thus showing the down grade in the economic status in Europe and the fall in jobs and stocks.

Interactive Kahoot

The Black Death killed many people causing lack of workers and wages so hospitals and clinics were very crowded and full.

By : Callie Conner, Tyler Runnels, and Savannah Henry

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