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Word Dynamo

Word Dynamo is an app that can be used by students ranging from elementary to university. This app helps improve your vocabulary, language skills, and writing ability through word games. Over 50 word challenges are available to the user.

Elementary Classroom Ex. In my classroom I would have a word wall of words my students come across that are unfamiliar to them. I would ask my students to pick a word that they don't know from the word wall and use this app to become familiar with it. At the end I would have each student state their word and orally give an example of the word being used in a sentence.

Word Dynamo was given a LQ (learning quotient of 9.1)

The LearningWorks for Kids Learning Quotient (LQ) is a score we give to games and apps that reflects our judgment of how well the media balances entertainment quality with the potential for improving thinking skills and academic proficiency. The LQ is calculated by averaging a Fun Score and Brain Grade.

The Fun Score:

  • Interactive Quality: This is a measure of the overall enjoyability of the experience or gameplay.
  • Presentation Quality: This is a measure of the attractiveness and aesthetic quality of the art style, graphics, and sound presented in the game or app.
  • Depth: This is a measure of the “size” of the game or app, which involves how long a game lasts, varied functionality of an app, amount of different layers and modes, and potential for re-use or re-playability.

The Brain Grade:

  • Thinking Skills: This is a measure of how well the game or app exercises and teaches thinking skills.
  • Learning Curve: This is a measure of how successfully a game or app teaches the user how to play and interact with the media. Examines how games scale in difficulty, how apps provide feedback, and how the media rewards success throughout the experience.

The Human Body by Tinybop Inc.

This app was designed for children aged 6-8, it is compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5c, 5s, iPad 2, iPad mini and iPod touch.

In this app the user explores a working model of the human body. Every part is animated and interactive. It includes 6 interactive, animated layers of the body that teaches the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and digestive system.

Elementary Classroom Ex. I would divide my classroom into 6 groups and assign each group one of the 6 systems of the body. Each group would use this app as well as any other appropriate resource to gather as much information and compile a short presentation then present it to the class.

The Reading Raven


  • Step-by-step curriculum lets kids learn at their own pace.
  • Multi-sensory reading games that children find engaging.
  • Based on proven phonics-based approach.
  • Customizable for children ages 3 to 7.

Available for iPhone and iPad

Elementary Classroom Ex. I would use this app in my grade 1 classroom. In an ideal setting my classroom would have an iPad for each student. I would have my students practice their phonics and writing using this app after I have given a lesson and have practised together. This app would give them the opportunity to practice what they just learned in a fun and interactive way.

Monster Physics

Monster Physics is a building app that lets the user play with physics. You can build and operate your own car, crane, rocket ship, plane, helicopter, tank and more. There are also 50 missions to solve, that are open-ended which gives the player the opportunity to test different solutions and strategies. Players will learn problem-solving, and creative thinking skills while having fun.

Elementary Classroom Ex. As a art project I would ask my students to use this app and design their own invention. The invention that they create would have to be able to fly, move in more than one direction, and have the ability to pick up objects. Students would have the choice of working individually, in pairs, or in groups of 3. At the end students will present their invention to the classroom.

Connect Sums by Math Doodles

This app was designed specifically for iPhone and iPad screens. This app provides the player with mathematical practice within a recreational setting. The mathematical puzzles allow users to play, explore, and experiment with math concepts, while developing and strengthening their strategy and problem solving skills. The challenges are designed to have multiple solutions and strategies.

Elementary Classroom Ex. Based on whatever mathematical concept we are covering in class that particular day I would have my students practice those particular skills using this app. Instead of simply doing a work sheet it would be fun for them to play games based on the material covered in class.

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