What Is My Favorite Season?

By: Brooke Anderson

My Season...

When do the leaves turn from green to red? When is Halloween? When is Thanksgiving? Not telling. When is the weather not cold but not hot? When does the air smell like cinnamon and sugar? The wind will whistle outside my window with the rain. Looking for pumpkins at every house on the block. What will I eat on one special night, maybe some turkey, cranberry sauce,and marshmallows. I see football for 4 months. The crowds will be cheering with the team scores a touchdown. This season is entertains to me.

When it is fall I see red leaves everywhere I see people running and walking with buckets in their hands with original costume on like Spiderman,Batman or Katniss Everdeen.I  bring a pillow case to carry candy, while my dad drives the golf cart Because of his knee

I hear Yelling on a particular night. Prayers and joy on Thanksgiving. I hear cranberry sauce Jiggle on my spoon. Laughter in the air. A cool Breeze hits me.

I smell turkey bread,and more. The smell of rain gives me the chills. I touch softness in the air, as if  I was on a cloud. The touch of the food make me want it more. I taste bread,  turkey cranberry sauce. Oh and if you haven’t guessed this month is August.

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