Pre-Calculus Polar Graph Project #polarproject2

By Noah Sanchez

Phase 1
Phase 2

My design is a bumblebee sitting upon a lily. A lemniscate and a rose graph were used for the wings, and part of the rose graph for its body. A line is drawn upwards to show the lily's crease through it.

In what ways did you experiment mathematically?

I experimented mathematically when I drew a few rough drafts composed of polar graphs. First, I decided how long the length of the rose graph would be. I decided to make the length to the end of the polar circle. Then, I decided what other shapes I would use. I decided upon the use of a lemniscate graph for the second set of wings. After that, I made the decision to top the whole design off by surrounding it by a circle, on the edge of the longest length. I finally decided that the circle would be a lily pad, completing the design.

What did you learn by doing this assignment?

While I was completing this assignment, I learned several things. First, I learned that I must be able to work within the confines of using polar graphs. This meant I must make a design that was composed solely of polar graphs, which I had to be creative with. Next, I learned that polar graphs were not as hard to work with as I previously thought. I was able to create my design quickly, without too much effort on my part, besides the creative process. Finally, I learned the value of completing my work on time. Without completing my work on time, it would not be given full credit.

Did you enjoy working on this assignment? Why or why not?

I enjoyed working on this assignment, because it allowed me to see how versatile polar graphs are and how they can be used in creative ways, as well. It also gave me another opportunity to practice using the polar graphs, including lemniscates, roses, lines, and circles, which helped me to understand them better. In addition, I learned several things by working on this assignment, as well as had fun creating it, so it was a worthwile experience to me. Overall, I had a fun and educating experience working on this project, and would like to work on something like this again, given the opportunity.



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