Come Visit Us At The Mesozoic Era!

The Mesozoic Era! If you snooze you loose!

What is Earth Like During This Time Period

During the Mesozoic Era the climate was very warm and has many plants. There is no polar ice, the sea level was higher, and the seasons are very mild.

Weather Conditions

The weather in the Mesozoic is warm all year around. There are no ice caps, not even in the north and south pole! If you would like to try scuba diving with the plesiosaur make sure you know how to swim!

Plant and Animal Life

In the Mesozoic Era we have all kinds of plants and animals you can look at! We have dinosaurs, fish, and invertebrates! The plants we have in the Mesozoic Era include ferns, Bennettitale, Araucariacean conifer, etc. Make sure to go on our Adventure Safari while you are here and visit all of the cool animals and plants! You could even go on a dinosaur ride!

Atmospheric Conditions

The atmospheric conditions in the Mesozoic Era are at 15% rather than 21%. If you thing you will need oxygen mask/tank make sure to bring one with you!

Other facts

Some other interesting facts about the Mesozoic is that another name for Mesozoic Era is "Age of Reptiles". Birds and small mammals began to evolve late in the Era. At the end of the Mesozoic Era half of all the species on earth including the dinosaurs became extinct.

Packing List

What you will need if you come to visit us is cool clothes and a jacket just in case. You will need sunscreen, a swimsuit, sunglasses, and any other things you think you might need as if you were on the beach. You will need tennis shoes, and a pair of sandals if you choose.

Where you will be staying

You will be staying in a lovely treetop hotel with a wonderful view of all the sights. There will be bamboo beds with soft fluffy pillows, and a nice warm blanket. Your room will have a bathroom that includes a bathtub/shower, a sink, toilet, towels, toilet paper, and soap. There is a magnificent restaurant on the first floor that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There will be a zip line to take you from floor to floor.


There are many things that you can do in the Mesozoic Era. If you like to swim you can go scuba diving with the plesiosaur! You can go on a wonderful safari and see all of the different kinds of plants and animals, and you can go on a dinosaur ride! If you like heights ride the zip line through our island and see all the animals from new views! Do you like to relax? If you do than you should visit our spa! We have manicures, and pedicures with special nail polish made from different fruits found around the island. We also have massages, and facial treatments


Even though our island is quite safe you also need to be aware of the dangers. Most of the animals won't bother you, but if you don't leave them alone they might get defensive. You should try to be back inside your hotel by the time it gets dark, because most of the dinosaur's eat at night. don't feed the dinosaur's or they will continually follow you around wanting more food. If you follow these things you will be alright!

We Hope To See You Soon!

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