By: Dylan Schons

Uruguay's capital is Montevideo.

Current Exchange rate

The currency for Uruguay is the Uruguayan peso its exchange rate is 1 Uruguayan peso = $0.04 US dollar

Major Exports and Imports

Exports- 1. Soybeans 2. Frozen Bovine Meat 3. Rice

Imports- 1. Crude Petroleum 2. Refined Petroleum 3. Cars

3 Main Cities

1. Montevideo

2. Salto


3 Main Tourist Attractions

1. Palacio Salvo, It is located in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. It was once the largest building of its time.

2. Casapueblo, It is located in Punta, Uruguay

3. Centenario Stadium, It is located in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was where the World Cup was held in 1930


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