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The Outsiders/ Hero's Journey Essay

My Essay Reflection

My writing has improved a lot since the beginning of the year. I add more detail and check for errors.

I am good at writing stories and editing for errors.

I want to learn all of the types of writing next year and want to develop more skills that will help me get the job done.

I liked the novel and how it was written. I like that it is in a first person view and you can read their thoughts. I liked this assignment because you can understand the Hero's Journey more clearly.

The Outsiders/ Hero’s Journey Bryant Chen

5/5/14 per. 6

There are many heroes in the world. From Super Man to soldiers, to cops and firemen. All these people have something in common. Most of them have gone through the Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey is not only for people who fight evil forces but also for people like Ponyboy Curtis. Unlike superheroes ,who can fly and do many amazing things, he brings back a gift. In the realistic fiction novel The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, the main character Ponyboy Curtis goes on a Hero’s Journey because he travels through three required phases of a monomyth.

Ponyboy Curtis experiences the Separation from the Unknown when he gets jumped by Socs. Ponyboy is walking home from the movies. A red Corvair trails him two blocks from his house. He starts to walk faster. “I knew it wasn’t any use though-the fast walking. I mean even before the Corvair pulled beside me and five Socs got out.” (4) Pony recalls. One of them is wearing a blue madras. “‘ Hey grease’, one said in an over friendly voice. ‘ We’re gonna do you a favor greaser. We’re gonna cut all that long, greasy hair off.’” (5). In the Hero’s Journey, the Separation from the Known is where the hero experiences something he never encountered before. Pony never got jumped before. He is trailed by a red corvair. Five Socs are in it. Johnny and some of his other gang members have been jumped before. He had seen Johnny after he got jumped. One was wearing a madras shirt pulls out a knife from his back pocket and flicks the blade open. Pony backs away from the blade. The quote represents how Pony was going to get his haircut. Ge walks right into another Soc. He gets pinned by all of the Socs. He calls for Darry to help him. He calls for all of his gang. This is something that he never experienced before.

Ponyboy experiences The Initiation when Johnny kills Bob at the lot when one of the Socs tried to drown Pony. Pony was going to get drowned by five Socs. “‘You really killed him, huh, Johnny?’ ‘ Yeah.’” (57). In the Hero’s Journey, the first part of the Initiation is when the hero experiences the challenge. Pony and Johnny walk around the empty lot after Pony gets hit by Darry. The challenge is when the Socs come and try to drown Pony and Johnny kills Bob. They cannot stay at Tulsa because then they will get caught and will get the electric chair and go to jail. after Johnny kills Bob the other Socs run away.

Ponyboy continues to experience the Initiation when Johnny dies. Pony and Johnny save some kids from the burning church. A burning log falls on Johnny and breaks his back and leaving him with third degree burns. “ Then I heard Johnny scream, and I turned back for him, Dally swore at me and clubbed me hard across the back as hard as he could and I went down into a peaceful darkness.” (93)Ponyboy narrates. In the Hero’s Journey, the second part of The Initiation is when the hero enters the Abyss and experiences the transformation, revelation, and the atonement. In The Outsiders, Pony and Johnny were leaving with Dally back to town. They see the burning church. There are some kids in there and Johnny and Pony jump in to save them. They try to get out. Pony makes it with fire on his back. Johnny gets hit by a flaming log. This is the abyss because Johnny is hurt.

Ponyboy experiences the Return to Everyday Life when he gets out of his coma. He wakes up and returns to his everyday routine. “‘Oh no,’ I groaned, ‘ Track meet. I guess this just about puts me out of every race. I won’t be back in condition for the meets. And the coach was counting on me.”’ (159) Pony said. In The Outsiders, Pony talks to Soda about school and track He has to go to court for Bob’s murder. This event shows that Pony returns to everyday life.

In conclusion, Ponyboy Curtis goes through the Hero’s Journey by completing the steps of a mono-myth  Ponyboy experiences the Separation from the Known when he gets jumped. WHen Johnny kills Bob, he experiences the Initiation. Johnny’s death is the continued experience of the Initiation for Ponyboy Curtis. His return to Everyday Life happens when he gets out from his coma. It is the rare human being that can fly, shoot lasers from their eyes, and can turn invisible. Superheroes are not the only ones that go through the Hero’s Journey. It is free to everyone. All he or she needs is the right equipment to face the challenge. Everyone will be blissful when he or she returns with a gift.

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