Location is been shown in every point on Earth,a description of where it is. I will give you a example: Austin is located at Texas. A kind of location can tell a specific description like the absolute location. Another kind of location that is a general description of where a place lies like the relative location.

This is picture of location and on United States.


Place does not refer simply to where an area is. It is refers to the area's landscape, the features that define the area and make it different from other places. Place is an geography  because we places have a lot of feature in other different area. Place for me is New York because I think that New York is popular in the United States. Other people likes Paris because it is the romantic place to go.

This is New York the popular place in United States.


People are constantly moving they, move within cities, between cities, and between countries. Geographers want to know why and how people move. For example, they ask if people moving to find work or to live in a more pleasant area. Moving can get you in many ways of goods, ideas, and things. Geographers also study the roads and routes that make movement so common.

Moving your feet on the way home.

Human Environment Interaction

In for looking at the features of places, geographers examine how those features interact. An area's environment includes its land, water, climate, plants, and animals. People interact with their environment every day in all sort of ways. People live near the ocean look for ways to protect themselves from storm. Some people build houses with thick walls and wear heavy clothing to keep warm.

Human Environment Interaction by planting crops.


You have already learned how geographers divide the world into many region s to help the study of geography. For example, region in China and India is Confucianism and Buddhism. Creating regions also makes it easier to compare places. Comparisons help geographers learn why each place has developed the way it has. Also I will give you one more region example, the Death Valley has is one of the hottest cities in United States.

Here are some region that is divided in parts.