Best Features of Samsung Tablet you Should Know

Nowadays, tablets and smartphones are more like a necessity than a luxury. These gadgets are proven to be useful in day-to-day affairs such as in transportation, information and communication.

Samsung, a tech company originated in South Korea, is one of the leading manufacturers and developers of tablets and mobile phones in the world. It has markets in the United States, Europe, and in Singapore. Their innovation has defined a lifestyle and has helped many people around the world with their works.

If you are wondering what’s in and what’s out in the latest Samsung innovation, you don’t need to look further. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of Samsung tablet you as a user should know.

All new interface

The most-recent version of the Samsung tablet are now equipped with the interface called Magazine UX, a staple with the new Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. The tablet, still brand the familiar Android home interface. However, with a simple swipe, you will see a Flipboard-style layout that shows tiles of your news feeds, applications and connected social media accounts.

The S-Pen on tablet

If you are familiar and are in love with the S-Pen of Samsung Note Pro, you will find it now in the all-new Samsung tablet. The pressure-sensitive smart stylus now have slots on the side. The S-Pen proves to be a good addition to the powerful tablet because of the bigger screen. It is applicable for drawing and writing applications such as S Note and Sketchbook Pro.

High quad-core processor

The quad-core processor of the Samsung tablet is clocked at 1.9GHz. The tablet is also equipped with an impressive three gigabytes RAM for better and optimum experience. With this development, the Samsung tablet now makes it look easy to keep several of heavy applications from running at once without any obvious slowdown.

The USB 3.0 slot

The new Samsung tablet now has a micro universal serial bus 3.0 slot on the side of the unit. This drive is MHL compliant as well as the adapter which you can connect directly to an HDMI screen. There's also a microSD memory card slot, which you can expand up to 64 gigabytes on top of the 32 gigabytes already installed.

The 8-megapixel camera

To all people who like instagram, selfies and photos, rejoice now. The Samsung tablet is now with 8-megapixel camera along with a LED flash and autofocus system. A variety of picture modes are also found in the camera app: Best Photo, HDR, Panorama. An Eraser tool which lets you remove unwanted elements from the background is also at our disposal. The front camera is 2-megapixel and is pretty stable for video calls.

All in all, the new Samsung tablet is for power users. It may not be for everyone’s use. However, who would say no to the beautiful screen system, powerful processor equipped with huge range of features?