Benefits of Diesel Heaters

Most onboard truck heaters, these days are pretty reliable and effective. They do, however, have some flaws. If you’re looking for a way to enhance comfort while increasing safety for your runs through colder climates, it’s time to look at diesel heaters.

What are Diesel Heaters?

Diesel heaters like the Espar Airtronic are designed as independent, add-on devices that add a whole new level of comfort and security inside a cab. Unlike their onboard counterparts, these models operate without the need of the engine. By offering a self-contained way to heat a cabin and engine compartment, diesel heaters deliver these advantages to truckers:

  • Increased comfort – When you install an Espar airtronic, you’ll gain a whole new way to heat your vehicle in the overnight hours when your truck is not in operation or during long-term traffic jams when running the engine constantly just isn’t advisable. Since these heaters don’t need the engine, you can still enjoy the heat without causing the wear and tear the on-board heater delivers.
  • When truck routes cut across some of the nation’s colder regions, standard heaters just often won’t do. If it’s time to boost reliability and your own comfort and security on the road, be sure to consider the benefits an Espar Airtronic delivers.

    About the Company:

    Since 1999, Lubrication Specialist has been the online leader in providing trucker across the country access to the best truck heaters. From Espar Airtronic models and parts to a host of other accessories, it’s the company serious truckers know they can rely on to deliver.

  • Increased efficiency – Unlike onboard heaters, diesel add-ons don’t take a lot of energy to operate. That means a truck’s operational fuel doesn’t have to be drained overnight to provide heat to a cabin when the temperatures are low. This can save a significant amount of money over the long haul by conserving gas. It can also save even more by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Enhanced reliability – Starting a truck engine in the dead of winter is always a crap shoot. This isn’t the case for those who warm their engine compartments with diesel heaters prior to trying to fire them up. Since many bunk heater designs are made to serve both the cabin and the engine compartment, reliability of your truck can be increased. What’s even more pleasing is the fact that some heaters operate remotely. That means you can remain inside, push a button, and start the heater before going out to fire up the truck.