Babe Ruth

By Jon Michael Senes

Why Babe Ruth was famous

Babe Ruth was famous because he was said to be one of the best baseball players who ever lived. Also he did whatever he wanted like eat tons of food,race fancy cars,and go to wild party's. Babe broke the homerun record during his mid first season (714 total) which bumped his popularity up to a whole other level. Another important fact is that Babe was a troublemaker as a kid and was sent away and his story of how he came out of a small school in a very small town. Ruth also only stayed in the minor leagues for one year out of the four which is unbelievably incredible. Babe Ruth broke many records but one of his best is the all time RBI list (2,213). Also he was first in OPS (1.164) that is outstanding to be first in an all time record in baseball. In all Babe Ruth was famous because of his wild personality, The place he came from, and his overall baseball performance.

Summary Of Picture Book

George Herman Ruth the 2nd also known as “The Babe” was one of the best baseball players to ever enter the game. Babe Ruth was born February 6th,1895 Baltimore, Maryland. As a kid Babe was a huge trouble maker and his parents had enough and sent him to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys where his teachers guided him into becoming a man. His life as a kid was difficult because he grew up Saint Mary’s boarding school and then played baseball there every day and became big and strong. He then went on to the minors February 28,1914 then the major leagues in 1919 and became a baseball legend. Unfortunately Babe Ruth died of cancer at the age of 53 but still was elected into the Baseball hall of fame and remembered forever. Ruth always looked up to his teacher Brother Mahatis who he said inspires him to play when he was young and lost.

This video is a commercial made somewhere in between the 1920's and 30's it is about a boy who doesn't want to do math and day dreams what would happen if Babe Ruth were there. The boy is just imaging and ends up getting in trouble.

Secondary Source

Early Life and Childhood

Babe Ruth’s childhood was not like a regular boys childhood it was a bit different from the rest. At first it was pretty normal, he was born to the parents George Herman Sr and Katherine Schamberger. He was a troublemaker as a kid. He drank liquor and threw tomatoes at horse and carriages. So at the age of seven his parents sent him to Saint Mary’s Industrial School For Boys. At first Babe didn't like Saint Mary's. He wasn't use to not having his family with him at all times. Then he discovered baseball so in all of his spare time he would go to the field and let his favorite teacher Brother Mahatis hit popups to him. By the age of sixteen, Babe was the biggest and strongest kid at Saint Mary's. On February 14th, 1914 a man came and watched Babe Ruth hit and field the ball that man was a scout for the minor league Baltimore Orioles team. Ruth was soon selected to play for the Orioles after only one year in the minors the Boston Red Sox drafted him on July 10, 1915 only at the age of nineteen Babe makes his debut.


Babe Ruth Accomplishments and Obstacles

  Babe Ruth has many accomplishments but also a lot of obstacles in his way. One of the first obstacles in his life is as a kid he was a huge trouble maker which set him back when trying to do things because the cops were always on him. Another one is when he was sent to Saint Mary’s that was a huge mental challenge to overcome because he missed his family and was not used to being disciplined. But in another way getting through Saint Mary’s was an accomplishment by inspiring him and telling him to never give up. The second accomplishment was him making it to the MLB with only one year in the minor leagues! But there was a catch to being so good he had lots of fans and also lots of haters. He had to forget about the haters and focus on the loving fans when he did that he had many accomplishments like breaking the homerun record and getting into the hall of fame. Overall Ruth overcome all of his obstacles and focused on the game and became one of the best of his time.

Where He Was Born

George Herman Ruth the second was born In Baltimore, Maryland USA

Primary Source

This Picture shows Babe Ruth's birth certificate. I did this primary source to prove that he was born in Baltimore, Maryland also his full name, and who his parents were. This picture is a very important part of his history because it gives us all of the information about this famous baseball player.

Babe Ruth's real baseball glove

3 interesting facts about Babe Ruth

1. His real name is George Herman Ruth the Second

2. For most of his life Ruth thought he was a year older than he actually was

3. He served time in jail for being a reckless driver

Quote From Babe Ruth

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run"-Babe Ruth

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