States of Matter

Mrs. Peila's Third Grade

Students in Mrs. Peila's Third Grade class have been studying the characteristics of the three states of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. Using the cameras on an ipad, students gathered pictures of the three states of matter around our school.

Solids really matter! They are everywhere we go. Without solids we wouldn’t be alive. First, we are going to talk about a solid's shape and size. Solids keep their shape and size. Second, we will talk about the atoms in a solid. The atoms in a solid are packed closely together. Last, I am going to tell you some examples of a solid: Rocks, wood, ice, trees, refrigerator, and houses. See, solids really do matter!

What is a liquid? A liquid is what we drink. Without liquids, plants, animals, and humans would just not be. First, liquids flow smoothly. Second, liquid’s atoms are spread apart just barely allowing it to flow. Last, some examples of liquids are: water, juice, pop, soda, and vinegar. Those are all liquids. I hope you learned something! By Luke

Gases are very important. Keep on reading and you will learn about gases and their properties. First of all, gases keep us alive, we would not be here without them. Air is a gas. Some other examples are: helium and clouds. Next, the atoms in a gas move around freely. Last, a gas does not keep its size and shape when it is not in a container and it moves around. That is a gas and it's properties! By Jace

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